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Meghan and Allen :: St. Luke’s :: Matt Jones Gallery

What I love most about Meghan and Allen’s wedding day was the chance to relive my own marriage blessing. In October 2009, a few months after my husband’s best friend, Matt, had fake married us and the State of California had legally married us, we had planned a blessing and party in Birmingham for our friends and family. The blessing took place in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, the same place Meghan and Allen exchanged vows, and this was my first time photographing a wedding here. We were married in the little chapel that connects to the unbelievable sanctuary, and I still remember (in part due to the photos) walking down the wall of main sanctuary hand in hand with Garrett, following the priest to the chapel.

Meghan and Allen met in high school (the same high school my husband went to, actually, he and Meghan are the same year; we had actually run into each other while Meghan and Allen were eating with some friends of ours but didn’t connect it all until Meghan came into my office), and continued their love at Alabama (which seems right to me). Their wedding day was relaxed, as I’m sure their love feels after all these years. The weather was unseasonably warm for February (but Alabama hasn’t had normal weather all year) and the rain held off until we were finished with the photos which was perfect, it sounded beautiful beating down on the roof of the church.

The night continued at Matt Jones Gallery (which you’ll recognize from Katherine and Frank’s wedding and you long time followers from Meagan and David’s!), with flashing lights and a feel good band (including some Miley Cyrus for the young female vocalist on stage), and The Wobble (I need someone to teach me the wobble, by the way). I love receptions that make me sing along and dance and frown when the night is over. Congratulations to Meghan and Allen and thank you to everyone that had a part in their day.


 Event planner and coordinator: Mariee Ami
Gown: Ivory & White
Catering: Iz Catering
Band: Lucky Town
Cake: Meghan’s Aunt (WHAT?!)
Flowers: Suzanne Graves
Hair and Makeup: Celine Russell
Car: Vintage Auto Car


Katherine + Frank :: Birmingham, AL Winter Wedding

Katherine and Frank’s wedding day was the first time I’d met them. I knew a bit from the questionnaire I have couples fill out and I’d chatted with Katherine on the phone, but the day definitely unraveled as such a surprise for me once she arrived. No one tells you how intense and sultry their eyebrows are or how their fiance has Matthew McConaughey’s Southern charm AND his dimples. I knew that The Advent would be gorgeous, I’d heard tale, but that doesn’t mean I was prepared. Oh, and then there was the dancing.

The event took place on December 30th, and since the Christmas decorations would still be in the church, the couple opted not to fight the colors in the church. The bridesmaids wore long navy dresses and carried white lily bouquets with red berries and evergreen accents. Katherine wore red satin shoes. Katherine’s mother wore red and Frank’s wore a deep teal-green. The smell of the pine garlands in the sanctuary hit me right away when I walked in, in the most delightful way. I really loved it, the deep reds and greens and navy feel so rich.

As soon as Katherine and Frank started their first dance, Morgan and I knew the dancefloor would stay full all night, it seems like this wedding was the marriage of two preternaturally gifted dancing empires. Katherine swears they never took a lesson. I’m obsessed with the way her dress swooshed around with her all night.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, every now and then I saw a bit of Helena Bonham Carter in Katherine.


Planner- Mariee Ami

Caterer- Savoie Caterering

Cake- Magic Muffin

Flowers- Carole Sullivan of Lagniappe Designs Inc

Transportation- Coast Classic Cars

Band- The Undergrounders

Ceremony Location- Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham, AL

Reception Venue- Matt Jones Gallery, Downtown Birmingham, AL