Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings


Ann and Daniel :: Engaged!

I can’t get over how gorgeous Ann is. I’m sure Daniel, her fiance, thought I was hitting on her throughout this session but I could not get over her eyes and how ridiculously gorgeous that lip color is on her, her eyes just pop and the rosy cheeks! Also, I love that every now and then she looks so so much like Anne Hathaway, who also has that perfect pale skin. I’m so glad we had a chance to do a short session at their venue, American Village, a few weeks ago. I am beyond excited to go back in just a few short weeks to watch these two get hitched! Ann and Daniel’s love is so palpable, and I love how much Daniel’s personality came out once he was playfully picking Ann up and tickling her, these moments when I can get a groom on board with what we’re doing are the best!




Lisa and David :: Engaged :: Raleigh, NC

I’ve known Lisa since the first grade. We didn’t become friends really until 7th grade, before then we had fights in elementary school about who could draw the best tornado and whether or not I stole her boyfriend, but once we started ending up in the same class every year in middle school things took a turn. Everybody loves Lisa, she has this magnetism that comes from being beautiful without realizing it, being genuinely kind to everyone she meets, and being unbelievably silly at times.

I’m pretty sure we decided I would photograph her wedding even before I was actually any good, the idea was that we’d have time to convince her mom I was as good as the go-to wedding photographers of Johnston County. Fortunately things worked out and next September I’ll be alongside my best friend as she gets married,  just in a different capacity than the typical bridesmaid. Even though our middle school and high school romances are completely laughable now, we always joked that Lisa had commitment issues, and fortunately that just meant she hadn’t found David yet. I so look forward to years ahead of visiting each other in whatever cities we end up in having a double date with our husbands over wine (I sound impossibly lame, apologies),

I’m excited to share these, and I apologies that in narrowing these down I still ended up with over 50 shots. I love these people.


Hilary and Stephen :: Engaged

Merry Christmas Eve!

I’d been holding onto Stephen and Hilary’s engagement session for a while since I wanted to be festive during the holidays and am excited to share it now! When Hilary mentioned the pin of a couple entwined in Christmas lights during our email exchanges when we were brainstorming for their e-session I could barely keep from buying lights myself just in case.  We searched many a light-pole on Alabama’s campus  for a live one (apparently many of Alabama’s light-poles are tailgate ready which is awesome), and I’m really glad Hilary and Stephen didn’t give up either. I’m so looking forward to their wedding this May, but I’m happy to share this documentation of their love for now.

(Also, If you aren’t familiar with pinterest, I’d be glad to send you an invite if you are not yet addicted!)


Leigh and Taylor :: Downtown Birmingham :: Engaged

The day before Leigh and Taylor’s engagement session I had a bridal session at Alabama Theater (which of course I can’t share until the bride, Stephanie, gets married in January but oh how I want to!), and it just so happened I left my amazing sale price nine west boots that make me feel like horseback riding betty draper there by mistake. I was a little worried they wouldn’t be there the next day, but I also very much wanted to figure out a way to get Leigh and Taylor in for a few minutes for a quick photo since one of their favorite activities to do together is watch movies and the Alabama Theater is perfect vintage charm when it comes to old red movie seats. I called in the morning and the man in the office said I could come look for my boots and take a few quick photos, adding in that they closed at 4. When we got there at 2:30 the door was locked but I called and there was one person still there, they’d closed early since it was the day before Thanksgiving, and even though I’m pretty sure the man hated me I was so grateful he let us in. The theater was pitch black, however, so I had Leigh hold a little flashlight to help me focus in the dark. We got about 2 minutes total inside and the rest of the day was spent roaming the less traveled parking lots and rooftops of downtown Birmingham, and I’m in love with the results. I am also pretty crazy about how much in love with the session Leigh was, she had so much fun which makes my job so much easier! And I love Taylor’s willingness to do whatever we asked. They are such a warm, loving couple. Here’s to a decade of dating!

Christy & Jeremy :: Downtown Birmingham :: Engaged

For their first date Jeremy took Christy to a Stephen Kellog and The Sixers show at Workplay. Christy had no idea who they were.  Now they are her favorite band.  And Jeremy is her favorite man. [I’m sorry, that was terrible.]The daylight takings in early November is seriously depressing for a photographer, especially practically on the line for the time zone change, which equals the earliest possible sunsets. I anxiously start engagement sessions around 2:30 now and go go go while we have light left. It’s an exciting chase. This time I feel like I won.

It was my first chance to meet Jeremy and I was a bit anxious; the questions that he’d sent along for Christy to ask at our initial meeting were very art-related, which always raises the pressure for the finished product, how to make art for an artist. I really do love these images, and they were one of my first opportunities to play with Visual Supply Co’s film packs, which had a hand in almost every image on the page. Enjoy.

Gillian and Wes :: Engaged

Gillian and Wes were married this past Saturday. I’m planning on sharing a few images from their wedding later on, [hopefully this evening (so that the couple can see a few before they head off to honeymoon tomorrow)], but since I hadn’t shared their engagement session on the blog yet I thought I’d post a few. I met Gillian through one of Garrett’s high school friends that I now claim as my own, Katherine, and hung out with her and her then boyfriend, Wes at a few parties. They are definitely my kind of people (if such a thing really exists), so I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to be their wedding photographer!

The couple brought their dog, Sister, along for the session, and I was happy to see her incorporated in the wedding ceremony as well.

Gillian has this really awesome deep sultry southern voice and enviable tightly curled hair, and with her mix of classic and boho styled dresses for the session she seems like the ultimate modern Southern lady to me.

Check back soon for a preview from this Saturday! Thank you to Gillian, Wes, and Gillian’s aunt and uncle for the use of their amazing yard for the session!

Jessica and Casey :: Engaged on a Plane

I was sold on Jessica after the first few sentences about her wedding. DIY…Heidi Elnora gown…Pilots…Engagement session with planes…

Jessica and Casey are both in the Air Force, and I was more than thrilled when they arranged for us to meet up with an instructor at Bessemer’s airport and play in one of the hangars. I couldn’t beieve how gorgeous both of them are, Jessica has this adorable sass that reminds me of Eva Mendes a la Hitch, and the whole session makes me want to watch Top Gun. I am so thankful that they withstood the heat (inside the cockpit of the plane felt like a sauna) and crushed this shoot with their gorgeous love!  I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll arrive to their reception in a helicopter or something; I don’t know that I can top these images otherwise.

Their adorable puppy’s name is Cargo. I know, the cute is killing you.

Thank you to Jessica and Casey for being amazing and to Beverly Andrews for setting us up! I can’t wait for December!

Sarah Grey and Matthew :: Engagement

Engagement sessions are some of my favorites. I adore wedding days but engagement sessions are that get to know you period, much like the beginning of a romance, and by the wedding day I’m a teary eyed mess because I feel like I know this couple intimately, they’ve let me photograph all of those raw moments and I’ve seen them as most people will never have the opportunity to.

I know a few things about Sarah Grey and Matthew: they got engaged in San Francisco, they just moved to Nashville, they started dating in high school at Mountain Brook. I don’t know that any of those facts are anywhere near as important as seeing them together. You’ll have to wait until next summer for their actual wedding photos, but I’m sure this is one to look forward to.

We had plans to roam the city and a local coffee shop but the rain and strange tendency of every Birmingham establishment to inconveniently be closed on Mondays…but I’m actually glad that we had to do something different. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

One :: Gillian & Wes

I feel like my blog followers get left out since I post to facebook with all of my one image previews these days and I’ve been too busy for all of the full posts that are due (working on it, I’ve got my hopes up for an August return to blogging!). So, here’s a preview of Gillian & Wes’s engagement session, more to come soon!

Jean and Rob :: Engaged

Rob and Jean have been friends since 6th grade Math Olympiad. It’s funny to think that there was a time when they were just friends, because seeing them now it’s obvious how much they just get each other. When we were corresponding via email about the possibility of me shooting their wedding Jean sent me a photo of the two of them so that I could recognize them when we met up. Neither of them are smiling, Rob is making an awkward deer-in-the-headlights face and Jean has an unsure side pucker toward the camera. I knew then that I wanted to shoot their wedding.

The actual engagement session ended in a trip to O’Henry’s (where we had our first meet-up) to grab a cup of coffee and an extended hangout where we just talked about life. I love their love, it’s so fun and real and tangible. They laughed non-stop, both of them, they had a secret handshake (unbelievably cute to see in action), they humored me when I told them I wanted to lay down on the ground and shoot them from above even though I never had and it might turn out terribly. Gotta love dream clients. 2011 is pretty amazing so far.