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Baby Love :: Noah :: One Year

First of all, I was overwhelmed with how many people liked and commented on the above photo when I added it to my facebook page with the caption “babies think I’m hilarious.” Truthfully I think babies know that they are hilarious, but my willingness to make funny faces and stick my tongue out at them when their parents aren’t looking does help. [I love doing that in public with strangers babies, toddlers look at me in disbelief since they know they aren’t supposed to stick their tongues out and here I am doing it to them. One of the few perks of being an adult.]

I can’t believe Noah is a whole year old now. I’ve known his wonderful parents since I met them a few months before they were married, but we’ve definitely gotten close throughout the process of an anniversary/maternity session and documenting Noah’s first year. He is a happy baby as long as you don’t take away the things he wants (aren’t we all that way?) and I love that he’s already a percussionist. My biggest regret is letting my sister persuade me to pursue clarinet instead of drums in band.

Anywho, I love sweet babies who love the little things like leaves and grass and the click of a camera and I’m so glad to have babies to photograph now and then to stave off the baby fever. Thank you to Shea and Jeremy for the medicine.


Newborn Baby Grace

I am not yet immune to baby fever, but I do think that much like the chicken pox the exposure to new babies is good for me, keeping me from getting fully overwhelmed by the desire to have my own little one. I had the honor to photograph Grace, little sister to Anna, during her first week of life this June. It is unbelievable that even so young babies are already alert and interacting with the world even though they can’t actively grab it yet. I am so excited about these images, about tiny fingers and toes and yawns, and even more excited to finally share them with you after months of waiting to catch up! I hope you enjoy them! Thank you to Connor, Grace’s sweet mom, and to Connor’s mother for being a part of the session as well. There’s a whole lot of love in this family for each other and this tiny little girl.

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One :: Burtoft Family

We lost one

Noah :: Newborn Session

A few months ago I did this one year anniversary session with Shea and Jeremy that doubled as a maternity session. Noah arrived about a week and a half ago and it was so great to be a part of his newborn session!

I can’t get over how tiny babies are, especially their little fingers and toes. And, after going to my cousin’s baby shower in South Carolina this past weekend I feel like I’m catching baby fever!

Congratulations Shea & Jeremy! Noah is beautiful and I am so looking forward to seeing him grow!

Mallory & Connor

Mallory & Connor’s mom is a fabulous letterpress printer here in Birmingham, Alabama, and I jumped at the chance to help her out with a shoot for her Christmas cards this year. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

This one trips me out, but in a really good way. I really that diptychs and triptychs can have the ability of being so much more than either photo alone.

Mallory and Connor also have the coolest parents ever, because when a torrential downpour sent us running for shelter, the shoot transitioned into jumping on their bed.

As soon as I got home I begged Garrett to throw me on the bed kid-style. Growing up is for the birds. I think we need a trampoline.

Mallory enjoys Club Penguin and her stuffed animals.

Mallory’s mom has a photo from when she was around Mallory’s age covered with her stuffed animals and we decided to recreate a la YoungMeNowMe. I love it.

Connor enjoys his cars and lining them all up.

And I enjoy child photoshoots where the kids do what they like!

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Lauren :: Portrait Session

Lauren is a super fun eleven year old that I had the pleasure of photographing this summer. Before the session, Lauren’s mom had told me that she really wanted to capture all the different looks she has at this age, she’s still a fun-loving kid in some ways but you can also get a glimpse of her as a woman. I’m so grateful that Lauren and her mom made the drive to Birmingham for the session, I absolutely love the way these images turned out!  I’m certainly not a traditional child photographer and I’m so glad they sought me out because of it!

Sneak Peek: Anna’s 3 month session

I couldn’t wait. Here is my favorite photo from my most recent shoot.

More cuteness coming up shortly.