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Couples of 2011 :: Married!

2011 was incredible. I moved to Birmingham December 27th, 2008 (I remember most especially since it was the day Garrett and I got engaged), and at that point I had only assisted with a handful of weddings and shot one on my own for friends. It’s been 3 years and I couldn’t imagine I’d be where I am now! Last year I shot eight weddings of my own. This year I shot 28. It’s been a busy busy busy year but the future is bright and I am so looking forward to all that 2012 has in store.

Here are all of the couples I had the privilege of photographing this year to see you into the new year! I haven’t blogged all of these yet, but that’s what resolutions are for right? Fingers crossed for a January blogging bonanza.

Whitney & Hunter :: 2-14-11 ::  I Do with a View at Vulcan, Birmingham, AL

Tammy and Albert :: 2-14-11 :: Vulcan Park, Birmingham AL

Allison and Jonathan :: 3-19-11 :: Mobile, Alabama

Mary Kay and Alan :: 4-9-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Liz and Scott :: 4-16-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Clay and Bryan :: 4-30-11:: Selma, AL

Mary Page and R.G. :: 5-21-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Kelsey and Greg :: 5-28-11 :: Florence, SC

Cassi and Matt :: 6-4-11 :: Atlanta, GA

Emily and James :: 6-5-11 :: Greenville, NC

Dana and Korey :: 6-11-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Kristen and Brad :: 6-18-11 :: Montgomery, AL

Ashley and Patrick :: 6-25-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Katie and Patrick :: 7-9-11 :: Lake Martin, AL

Katie and Paul :: 7-16-11 : Monroeville, AL

Meagan and Andrew :: 7-23-11 :: Selma, AL

Jennifer and Roy :: 7-30-11 :: Tuscaloosa, AL

Jean and Rob :: 8-6-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Rachel and Duran :: 9-1-11 :: New Orleans, LA

Jiayin and Blake :: 9-3-11 :: Laguna Beach, CA

Anne Trabue and Austin :: 10-1-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Gillian and Wes :: 10-08-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Skye and Alex :: 10-15-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Molly and Jonathan :: 10-22-11 :: Savannah, GA

My and Nathan :: 11-11-11 :: Chapel Hill, NC

Jennifer and Richard :: 11-19-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Tomo and Phil :: 11-20-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Jessica and Casey :: 12-17-11 :: Auburn, AL

Katherine and Frank :: 12-30-11 :: Birmingham, AL

Putting this post together is making me realize how lucky I was this year, honestly each of these couples has warmed my heart with their personalities, love for each other, kindness, graciousness, and gorgeousness. Since I like statistics (not of the actual mathematical variety), this year I shot 14 weddings in Birmingham, 21 in the state of Alabama, but marital bliss also took me to Atlanta, Savannah, Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!), Laguna Beach (hooray for best friends with fiances from CA), and Orlando to assist my friend Camille.

I moved into an office space in Homewood in March/April and love love love it. Many hours were lost to trying to scrape carpet glue off the floor  and plastering the cinderblock walls by hand (am I insane?). In my personal life my husband and I took our belated honeymoon to Europe (Paris, London, and Oxford), and when I do post pics don’t judge me, I was trying to be an actual tourist and as a result my photos are lackluster, I suppose that means I need to go back to document an elopement (seriously, I will do my best to talk you into it and just make you pay for my stay there).

This year I had the privelege of working with Birmingham wedding planners Neillie Butler (Gather/Mariee Ami), Kerri Kelley, Beverly Andrews (Engaging Celebrations), Proper Measures, and next year I’ll be working with Alene Gamel (I do, I do!) and Meagan Cease (M. Elizabeth Events) as well. Morgan Trinker, a name any blog stalker of mine has seen countless times, assisted me with 19 of the weddings above, [unbelievable!] and I’ll be so sad next year when we only get to work together a few times since Birmingham and the rest of the world have all discovered her for their own. I owe her so much, she is an awesome friend and has helped me through a major office renovation and my inbox during our “Euro Trip” (that’s for Garrett, somehow he loves that movie). Other notable sidekicks were my darling husband, Garrett, Joanna Ballentine (fabulous person all around and kick-A hairstylist, soon to be neighbor, amazing photographer, and beautiful lady), Andi Rice (his main gigs are photographing for music venues and I’m so jealous), Stacy Ellis (my best friend since 1st grade who made a repeat appearance as my second shooter for Molly and Jonathan’s wedding- she second shot my very first wedding as well!), Rebecca Mill from Raleigh, NC, Carol Ly from California (who is probably about to blow up and if so I hope she invites me to some CA parties), and Brittany Arias, a college student who is already amazing who will be interning for me a bit in January. Nancy McColl, Rob (of Jean and Rob fame) interned with me from June-September (when she left to cross the pond) and she’s pretty much one of my favorite people ever. I also want to thank Emily Kicklighter, for giving me a job in 2009 when I was unemployed and freaking out a few months before our wedding and for being an amazing friend ever since.

I feel like I just wrote an award acceptance speech, but something about the end of the year really makes me mushy. 2011 killed it. 2012 has a lot to live up to (especially given the Mayan predictions). Let’s go out with a bang.


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  1. Awww…. I almost want to cry a little! It’s been an amazing year…. I can’t believe how many of these we shot together. It’s going to be sad next year. 😦 Congratulations on such a killer year, business-wise and otherwise, and I love you!

    December 31, 2011 at 3:40 pm

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