Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

My and Nathan MARRIED :: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

11-11-11 was amazing. My,  a friend of mine from college, got married to Nathan, a Duke post-grad who was willing to get married on UNC’s campus. My has got to be one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever met, who always has flawless makeup (I had her put a little blush on my cheeks right before we left for the ceremony, and one of these days I swear I’m getting my hair and makeup done with the bride). The night before I went to the rehearsal dinner where My insisted that I was there to have a good time and eat lots of delicious Vietnamese food, and I ended the night around a fire outside of the host’s house (I need a fire pit desperately).

I love the chance to go home to North Carolina for weddings, (where my parents and sister are and the land of my birth), and this was my first opportunity to shoot in Chapel Hill (though hopefully not the last). It was pretty amazing to be back during the fall, campus is gorgeous anyway but especially when the leaves change (and you might remember Jenny and Blake’s engagement session there from last Fall), and I was so excited to start the day by walking from the Carolina Inn to Franklin Street to Aveda where My’s hair appointment was. The wedding ceremony itself took place at The Old Well, where we knew as a public space we might have to fight other like-minded couples or nostalgic alums, but ultimately we lucked out.  After the guests walked over to The Carolina Inn, an amazing and gorgeous hotel that  snuggles up to campus, where we enjoyed a cocktail hour, seated dinner, and then BOOM dancing.

An added bonus to the evening (well, whole day really), was that Rebecca Mills of The Indie Image (a fellow North Carolinian and amazing photographer I met on my first second shooting gig back in 2007) was able to shoot it with me! She’s actually in town this week (she has relatives in Birmingham, how lucky am I?) so you might see some photos of her soon on the blog if the weather clears up. I am so thankful she came along, her images from the day are ridiculous!

Enough chit chat.


4 responses

  1. i love the warmth, kelly! so awesome!

    December 8, 2011 at 7:24 am

  2. Chi Tran

    Breathless! The moments are well captured. You are one talented gal. Glad we crossed path.

    December 8, 2011 at 10:05 am

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