Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

NOLA and Two Francophiles with Cameras

Last week I headed to New Orleans for a wedding with Morgan in tow to assist, and we got there a day early to settle in, which really translated to having a whole day to frolic around in the city. Morgan had never been to New Orleans and I’d been a few years back for the Sugar Bowl but hadn’t had much time to wander. My best friend Stacy lives in New Orleans and I could kick myself for not getting any shots of or with her while we were there, but I couldn’t convince her to take the rest of the day off for a big floppy hat photoshoot, so I’ll just have to go back. As with all of my travels and wedding trips this year it still feels so surreal, walking around New Orleans pretending it is somehow equivalent to Paris (hence the stripes, eating at a place called Cafe Amelie, the French Market, and shopping at French Connection). Morgan and I are so rarely the subject of photographs being photographers ourselves that we both understand the need for such vanities and also so desperately want someone to be our models when we are in someplace lovely. So, here are a lot of photos of Morgan, and if you visit her blog, you’ll find a lot of photos of me. Looking like the most stereotypical French wanna-bes ever. Much more wedding to come, and hopefully a lot more personal soon, but for now, enjoy the French Quarter with me.

I love that Cafe du Monde only serves coffee and beignets. It reminds me of Garrett reminiscing about how Dreamland used to only serve ribs, white bread, and Mountain Dew. I also love that beignets taste exactly like funnel cake only more of a big pouf of it, and equally if not more messy. Since we were there on a weekday (during Hurricane season which is probably not the busiest season for NOLA), a lot of the staff would just hang around talking with their paper hats, waiting for more tourists (I love the woman with the fan in the black and white shot a few up).

The one on the left (above) was shot through my sunhat, which I kind of want to take with me on all shoots to get that diffused light and texture.

I tried to get Morgan to buy her own hat but she wouldn’t, even though she looks adorable in this one. Also, I photographed every aqua and red thing I could find, since New Orleans is full of them, and they are my self proclaimed business colors.

This car on the side of the street covered in pin-up tattoo style graphics for Sailor Jerry’s rum was amazing. I’m planning to never ever even consider a tattoo, but if I did or if someone I knew was going to, I would definitely support a pin-up style (preferably by Kat Von D) above all else.

Merci beaucoup!


One response

  1. Wow! Morgan is beautiful! I LOVE the ones with the car! Those are so classic! And the hat! Y’all both know how to rock a camera as an accessory. So styling!

    September 6, 2011 at 6:35 pm

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