Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

Jennifer and Roy :: Married!

When Jennifer and her mother came in to meet with me about potentially photographing her wedding, I somehow worked into the conversation

“Do people ever tell you that you look like Amy Adams?”

Of course they do.  As you saw in their teaser, Morgan and I couldn’t help but photograph her ring on top of an iphone displaying an image of Amy Adams. Jennifer told me that she worked at anthropologie briefly (as did I, kindred spirits lured in by gorgeous, expensive clothes), and that she was told quite frequently that she looked like Amy Adams and once she jokingly claimed she was and that this was just a side job so that she could be a normal person. Her mom added in that Roy looks like Ryan Reynolds, and showed me a photo which did indeed bear an incredible likeness to Ryan Reynolds, a fact I forgot until the wedding day, when we went in to meet the guys, and Morgan whispered to me. So while we were beyond amused that we could pretend that we’d shot Amy Adams and Ryan Reynold’s wedding, and that people would double take when they flipped through our portfolio.

But, I don’t want to reduce Jennifer and Roy down to their celebrity look-a-likes, because their love has nothing to do with celebrity drama and gossip. It was easy to forget about my obsession with the thought of meeting celebrities that makes the comparisons so appealing to me (I have an app on my iphone for figuring out what celebrity I most closely resemble on any given day and get excited about famous restaurant owners making an appearance at my table); Jennifer and Roy were all about each other on their wedding day, and seeing their first look solidified that feeling for me. They light up around each other, and photographing them I took the approach mostly of watching them, because the way they looked at each other and interacted was so real and lovely.

Their reception was held at Jennifer’s aunt’s home and we were stunned by all of the details in and around the house, with a gorgeous front and back porch, purple toile fabric and deep purple vases for the bridesmaid’s bouquets, and all of the personal family photos and artifacts throughout. Once the dancing started we quickly jumped in as well, and the DJ took us back to our glory days with songs like “Yeah” by Usher, some N’Sync and Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears… It was incredible.

I love how these night images (above) of this little boy remind me of a Marc Jacobs ad.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Roy, I feel so grateful to have met them both and I’m so excited for their new life together! I’m also excited about how drop dead gorgeous they are, but mostly I’m just excited to see another amazing couple in love. Thank you to Morgan for being part of the dream team and to all of the vendors (and family members!) that made this day so lovely and fun.


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