Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

The Swell Building Open House

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who was involved (or attended!) in the open house for The Swell Building a few weeks back! Back in March I started renting an office space in the building after hearing about an opening from Morgan Gillespie (creative extraordinaire) during a sewing class I took from her, via Korora. Our office manager Danny uses the main space of the building as a furniture painting studio, Paintworks, and as a result I’m always envious of the furniture that comes through week to week (he’s amazing, seriously). Morgan and her business partner Mia have begun a vintage rentals business for weddings and events as well as a home accessories store, Flourish.

The Open House was amazing, so many people came out to come see the space and we were lucky enough to have a keg of Good People beer and Pinches Tacoscatered, amazing. I added in some strawberries from a You-pick strawberry farm (which should be its own separate post, I was very excited about my first strawberry picking adventure). The golden balloons were donated by Sonia of Inflations and Invitations (love that girl!)! Mandy of Hothouse designed the gorgeous purple floral arrangement, which was a gift from my parents for the open house, and Garrett’s family provided the lovely potted arrangement from Oak Street Garden Shop, which really helped fill out the room (I was still awaiting two chairs which of course were delivered the very next day). Garrett’s dad brought me contact sheets of old weddings (probably from the 50s or 60s) he found at Reed’s Books, too. My office is still a work in progress but is such a long way from the carpeted cinder block prison it once was, and I love it!

The vinyl for these awesome signs (Morgan and Mia worked their magic for the stained wood base) came from Instant Sign Center.

Thank you so so much to everyone who came to visit, and if you couldn’t make it, I’ll be there pretty much every day, so feel free to message me if you want to drop in! An enormous thank you to Morgan Trinker, who helped me scrape glue off of the floor and plaster the walls with our own hands. And to everyone who ripped up carpet. To Jamie and Garrett for showing us how much quicker they could scrape glue in the final hours (that sounds sarcastic but honestly they were a big help, we were losing our minds). And to Katherine who saved the day by bringing me a remnant of carpet to use as an area rug (Acme Flooring where she works has remnants for cheap, check it out!), and a side table.


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