Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

Holiday Craft Bazaar

2009 was my first year in Birmingham (since I was only here for the last 4 days in 2008). When I moved here from North Carolina it seemed like there wasn’t much of an online presence for Alabama, especially on Weddingbee (which devastated me since I’d been following the site longer than I should admit), etsy, and blogs in general. A lot of businesses seemed to be running on word of mouth, which was scary for me, being someone that was not native to Birmingham planning a Birmingham wedding. So, when I made it to the Holiday Craft Bazaar at Bottletree last December, I was grabbing up local artists’ cards like free candy. I saw lots of etsy addresses and felt reassured. Since then I’m pretty sure facebook has become a part of almost every United States citizens’ lives, including Birmingham, so I might start yearning for the word-of-mouth society that once was despite growing up online.

Either way, I couldn’t miss this year’s craft bazaar, and I managed to sneak a few photos for you of some really great vendors! I’m excited about all of the other creative minds working in Birmingham, and I’m looking forward to seeing more in 2011!

^ The window display that definitely caught your eye if you made the rounds on the Craft Bazaar route was a collaboration between the ladies of Korora, Sprig, and Flourish.

I’m excited to say I signed up for a sewing class with Korora, and will hopefully make my husband very happy by figuring out how to use the sewing machine he bought me last Christmas which immediately frustrated me after I wound the bobbin and then proceeded to forget all of the other steps involved in my “Teen Living” home-ec class in high school. Sorry, Mrs. Lane. They hosted a cute contest to name the bedroom for the chance to win a pillow, you can read the winning name here, and it sounds like the studio space opening up this January in Homewood will be a gorgeous sanctuary for all of us with crafting lusts but no outlets.

^These lovelies, are by Traci of Tracemyface, and I discovered her work on etsy before last year’s craft bazaar. She is a freelance graphic designer, and has made some awesome concert posters for Bottletree, including a really awesome Animal Collective poster that drew me to her work. She was also Jessica Rabbit for Halloween, incase you wanted more reasons to like her.

I don’t have photos of all of the really other amazing vendors from the bazaar but I will point you in the direction of Craft Lab‘s t-shirt scarves (I bought one and I’m pretty into it, so perhaps it will sneak its’ way into a future post), and the super smooth &  fancy luxurious cutting boards of Brown & Green LLC.  If you were a vendor at the Craft Bazaar, feel free to add a link to your wares in the comment section below, I love featuring local vendors! I also feature vendors on my personal blog every now and then, dash pinch smidgen, so I’d love some recommendations for readers’ favorite local shops/artists.


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  1. WHAT?!?! how did I not know about this!?!? I must go next time.

    January 13, 2011 at 7:43 am

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