Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

Wilder Adkins: Nightblooms

This post serves two purposes. One (1) is to convince you to buy this album. [I wish I could imbed the message subliminally into my photographs, but instead I’ll rely on the Nascar-like loyalty of my fans to listen to everything I ask them to do.]

Nightblooms is a folk album by Wilder Adkins featuring the mountain dulcimer and fingerpicked guitar. The songs are available for preview and purchase on the bandcamp site. I’m hoping to convince my husband, Garrett, to write a review since he’s the musical genius between the two of us (not that I don’t run a very close second), but until then you’ll have to settle for my recommendation to check out the song Nightingale in particular.

The other purpose (2) is to show you a few more shots from the album cover session.  I am extremely grateful to Wilder for the opportunity to shoot an album cover, and especially for such a great album.

If you are local to Birmingham you should also check Wilder out live, to stay in the loop you can follow him via facebook or twitter.


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