Birmingham, AL wedding & portrait photographer Kelly Cummings

Sneak Peek- Jen (of Jen and Jan)

I’m long overdue for an update!

Garrett & I are married now! (As of August 13/14th, long story/we take marriage so seriously that we had to take 2 days to accomplish it)
In other news, I’ve been so busy preparing for our reception that I’ve neglected the blog! But, I am too excited about a recent trash the dress shoot not to post. Jen was so much fun and had me come back to my home state (NC) for a gorgeous mountain adventure with her husband Jan and one of my really great friends (and bridesmaids), Linden. I’ll tell you all about them next post, but let’s get to the pictures.
makes me feel like watching the siren scene in oh brother.

wonderful braid by Linden. I want one (hint)
Cannot wait to post more, but this will have to do for tonight. Hope you enjoy!

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